This speaker is a speaker that allows people with hearing loss to hear the sound of the TV.

I myself was very happy with the purchase of this speaker and wanted to share it with others, so I decided to sell this speaker.

Would you like to give a present to your grandfather and grandmother, just as I was able to present a world where you can hear well with this technology, which is unique in the world?

Hello. I live in Japan. Let me talk about the speakers I sent to my grandfather and grandmother.
My grandfather and grandmother had poor hearing and had difficulty hearing the sound from the television. In Japan, I used to watch TV because it has a function to add subtitles to the TV, but I bought this speaker because I thought it would be better to hear the voice and spoken language from the TV.
The result was a great success. The sound you hear from this speaker will be better heard by people with hearing loss.

The reason why you can hear this much is in the technology patented in Japan.

Use applications

I think it\'s a good idea to use it at such times.

Call with grandchild

When you talk to your grandchild on the phone, you can make a sound from this speaker to make it easier to hear. Especially as a child, the voice is so high that the higher the sound, the harder it is to hear. This speaker makes it easier to hear the high notes.

When watching TV

If you make the sound come out of this speaker when you usually listen to the sound of the TV, it will be easier to hear the sound. When it\'s hard to hear, it\'s hard to hear high-pitched voices and faint sounds, but this speaker compensates for the hard-to-hear sounds.

Call with a friend

This speaker is recommended if you have difficulty hearing the sound during a telephone conversation with a friend. I used to talk on the phone with my relatives and friends, but when I couldn \'t hear each other, I couldn \'t hear each other even if I called, so it \'s hard to talk on the phone. There was something that was difficult. This speaker solves that.

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