This is a speaker designed to make it easier for people with hearing loss to hear the sound of the TV or a phone call on their smart phones. Patented in Japan, they incorporate the finest technology and are individually handcrafted.

※Specifications and other information are listed below.



Japanese patent

Patented in Japan. It ’s a solid technology.




What is this product in the first place?

This speaker is a speaker that allows people with poor hearing to hear the sound of TV.
First of all, please see the customer’s voice here.

hello. Let me talk about the speakers I sent to my grandfather and grandmother. My grandfather and grandmother had poor hearing and had difficulty hearing the sound from the television. In Japan, I used to watch TV because it has a function to add subtitles to the TV, but I bought this speaker because it is better to hear the voice and spoken language from the TV. The result was a great success. The sound that can be heard from this speaker will be heard well even by people with impaired hearing.

That is all for the customer’s voice.

The reason why you can hear this much is the technology patented in Japan.

(Details on the technology will be described later)

Why don’t you give a present for yourself, your partner, parents, grandfather, and grandmother in a world where you can hear the sound of this technology, which is unique in the world?


[Motivation for developing this speaker]

Living in the city, I spend a few days returning to my mother’s hometown, though only a few times a year. My mother, who was in her late 80s, was fine, but I was surprised that the TV sound was very loud. I was very worried that her mother said “TV is not interesting” even though she made the TV sound louder.

Also, when she talks to me, she seems to understand well and she replies “high high”, but when she talks to her sister, she listens over and over again. I was worried about that.

Looking at her mother while talking to her mother, I found two things.
One is that the sound is audible
Second, no matter how loud the TV sound is, the words are not transmitted.

It turned out that there seemed to be some words that I couldn’t hear, and that I couldn’t hear some of the generated sounds.

For example, it seems difficult to hear the following sounds in Japanese.
(Kigen ⇔ Kagen, Shichiji ⇔ Ichiji, Kato-san ⇔ Sato-san)


If this is English,

It is difficult to hear the sound that is strongly involved and pronounced, or the sound that vibrates the bottom and lips.

And so on.

My old mother’s pleasure is on TV with her Pomerianian dog, so finding a speaker that her mother could hear well was my top priority.


Structure of this product

Speaker structure
It has a structure that emits sound from the entire curved diaphragm, and delivers the beautiful and clear energy sound of distant sounds to the ear. In particular, the sound emitted from this speaker, which produces a straight-ahead sound in the mid-temperature and high-frequency range, can be heard well without being interfered by various noises in the room.


Conventional general speaker structure
Compared to this speaker, a general conventional speaker has a structure in which the sound is attenuated more as the distance increases, and it is difficult to produce the sound to be heard as the distance increases.



The exterior woodwork is individually handcrafted by artisans.


easy to use

How to wire to the TV
When connecting to the TV, connect as shown in the figure below with the audio cable that comes with the earphone port of the TV.
Do not connect from other than the earphone port
For the speaker power supply, connect the accessory AC power supply as shown in the figure below. Use of accessories other than the AC power supply is prohibited.







Shipping Timeline


For you and your loved ones.

I tell you again, with this technology, which is truly unique in the world, why don’t you give it to your grandfather and grandmother, just as I was able to give them the gift of a world where they could hear sound better?